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Sally has a BSc(Hons) in Zoology and a MSc in Science Communication which has enabled her to become a specialist in Land-based subjects such as animal care, zoo animal management, veterinary nursing and horticulture. She also has experience in developing programmes for other sectors, including construction, hospitality and catering, and health care. 
She is an enthusiastic and hardworking individual who is reliable at all times and assertive when necessary. She is creative, adaptable and flexible in the way that she approaches projects to ensure that all tasks are completed efficiently and effectively. This includes influencing and implementing change within the work environment. 
Sally is passionate about developing vocational educational programmes, contributing to candidates’ learning journeys (whether this onto other education programmes or employment) and how this influences and shapes the future workforce. 
Sally enjoys developing communication strategies using a wide range of verbal and written methods. Her MSc dissertation, entitled ‘How do zoos educate? An evaluation of the communication methods by zoos to educate their visitors about international conservation issues’, focussed on the communication methods and language used by UK Zoos. It evaluated the methods used against industry education standards and the zoos’ mission statements. In 2008, Sally was invited to present her research and findings at the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA) symposium and provided information to her peers on how communication methods can be developed within their own collections. 

Career highlights: 

Creating employer boards to consult, validate and input into qualification structures, content and assessments. 
Managing teams of external Subject Matter Experts to develop qualification content and assessments within firm timescales 
Working with external stakeholders and representing City & Guilds at industry meetings 
Working with BIAZA and Defra on zoo industry specific qualifications. Sally was the Qualification Development Manager for DMZAA 2005 - 2023. Additionally, she contributed technically to the content of the qualification. 
Developing a programme giving recognition to the knowledge and skills of volunteer zoo keepers and being quoted in industry communications (BIAZA Brightside) 
Presentation of her MSc Research project at the BIAZA Symposium (16.07.08). The research was presented to all BIAZA members and some of which used her findings to shape how they communicate with their audiences. 
Internal stakeholder engagement: As role of Equality, diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Champion, setting up and running EDI Workshops 
Being part of trailblazer groups working on new apprenticeship standards and assessment plans. E.g., poultry, animal care, veterinary nursing, dog grooming, arboriculture, horticulture and forestry. 
Developing publicity materials such posters, leaflets and articles which have been used in marketing campaigns 
Training consultants for specific tasks within a project 
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