Green’s Vocational Education Consultancy 
Helping businesses achieve their educational & development needs 
The outsourcing service is ideally suited to existing vocational education companies, Awarding Organisations (AO’s) and End-point Assessment Organisations (EPAO’s). 
Green’s Vocational Education Consultancy can be used as alternative to recruiting a permanent member of staff too develop a specific product i.e. a regulated qualification, or complete a specific task i.e. updating documentation. This can relieve pinch-points in a company’s production pipeline by bringing in an experienced consultant if internal resources are stretched.  
As it is using a consultant and not an employee, standard internal recruitment procedures, staff on-boarding and training would not be required. The consultant will follow any company procedures and policies, producing any documentation in the companies templates and to their specifications.  
Any regulatory submissions, i.e. Ofqual Portal submissions, would have to be completed internally by the organisation but Green’s VEC would assist where required. The main benefit of this is that consultant’s time is dedicated purely to the task or project contracted and would end once the work had been completed. The duration of the contract would be discussed alongside the project/ work brief. 
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