Green’s Vocational Education Consultancy 
Helping businesses achieve their educational & development needs 
The consulting and freelance services are ideally suited to employers/ business, industry and trade bodies who need advice and support on current vocational education products or need specific products for their own use. 
As the vocational education landscape is changing with the Education Reforms and the introduction of T Levels, consequently the skills and knowledge college students are achieving will be more generalised. Employers will also need to have greater understanding of what the qualifications mean and cover for recruitment purposes. Consequently, any new staff employed straight from college will require when entering employment, training and upskilling. This will be the responsibility of the individual employer. 
Green’s VEC can provide advice and guidance to businesses on current Vocational Education frameworks and help identify any potential skills gaps for the job roles within their businesses. This advice can then be used for recruitment or development of internal training. 
Green’s VEC can work with individual businesses to develop structured vocational education product or program specifically to meet their needs. These products would then be delivered using the businesses own internal staff and systems, following a delivery timetable to suit them.  
These products could be used for new staff or for staff development (CPD). These products can also be mapped against the Government’s Vocational Maps and Apprenticeship Standards. These products would be bespoke, and not submitted for Ofqual Regulation approval. 
The benefits of these services can include that businesses are prepared for the recruitment of their future employees, upskilling their current workforce and helping them meet their business targets. 
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